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Image Backup

A more complete and recommended option is an image-based backup. Image-based backups are full hard drive images, consisting of the block-by-block contents of a hard drive. In the event of a data disaster, the entire data set is preserved, allowing for a move to new hardware and a swift restore of all information. While this approach requires a larger capacity for storage, the use of bandwidth to move these larger files to the cloud, and a higher cost, it also provides the most complete backup and the fastest restoration.

File Backup

The typical use for such a system is to restore a file or folder that has been lost on an otherwise healthy system. This is a “selective” backup, where the business chooses what data should be backed up, and only those files and folders are backed up. The total backup is much smaller in size, with less capacity needed and a lower overall cost. However, should a disaster occur, the restoration of data can take much longer than anticipated.

With a file/folder backup, you must start from scratch to restore your system to working order ―installing the operating system, all the software applications, and the software used to back up the files and folders, and then finally the files and folders themselves. Only the files and folders selected for backup are restored; any others lost in a data disaster are simply that — lost.

When considering what type of backup to use for your business, don’t let cost dictate your decision. Other factors, such as depth and breadth of data, as well as length of downtime should a disaster occur, also need to be considered. If you have a tiny, select amount of data you want to preserve, and don’t mind waiting a full day or more to restore your system to operating capacity, then it’s perfectly fine to consider file/folder backup. However, if you feel that your computer system and its data are far too important to your company to have to wait more than a day to get back in business, image-based backup is well worth the increased investment. TCS would like the opportunity to help you make the right decision about data backup. Please contact us today to gain peace of mind about data backup.

Data Backup

What would happen if you lost your drives or servers today? How long can your company function without access to email, files and records?

Time and information are two of your company’s most valuable assets. We can help protect you against system crashes, hacks or viruses, preserving your work days and data through a range of affordable backup options.

Rest easy in today’s volatile computing environment, knowing that your critical company data is protected and can be quickly and efficiently restored.