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"Since Trimen Computer Systems, LLC (TCS) has been over our system we have had little to no down time. We operate with a network system that allows people to work from home. Before TCS took over they were down or could not get into our system at least twice a week..."        

"HVAC, Inc. Has utilized the capable IT services of Trimen Computer Systems for over 5 years. We have been extremely pleased with their exceptional performance. When an in-house IT person is not an option, you need reliable, capable consultants to effectively offer solutions in a timely manner. Trimen offers the solutions with dependability, diligence, expertise, and dedications to your needs..."        

"Trimen Computer Systems. Mr. Price and his associates have handled all of the E. Luke Greene Co., Inc. computer needs since 2002... In 2015 we had Trimen Computer Systems to install our networking for five locations, on the Windows 7 platform, it created a more stable and efficient environment for our company. When a need arises their quick response and extensive knowledge really reduces downtime, no job is too large or too small for them to handle.

It is our opinion that you would be doing a great service to your organization if you retain their services for your technology needs."