Top 3 Reasons to Hire IT Support

As the world marches on, even those of us that did not grow up with computers are technological savvy. Most of us can browse the internet, use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and can create social media profiles. In the business world, setting up your business phone system, such as VoIP, and even your website is not too difficult. However, when it comes to more sophisticated IT issues, such as setting up a cloud server, ensuring you are protected from malware and phishing via a top-rated cyber security system, and helping to troubleshoot when problems arise, you often need a great IT support team by your side.

Trimen Computer Solutions, or TCS, offers stellar IT support services for Johnson City area businesses. Our certified staff and engineers have years of experience in helping businesses set up a secure, functional, and intuitive computer system that is perfect for their business. Our mission with our managed IT services is to make your computer systems and processes as easy to use as possible. Below, we'll take a look at some of the reasons you should partner with an IT support company. Contact us to learn more today!


Saves You Time

You've probably experienced many times over the course of your business having to stop what you've been doing and figure out a computer issue. If you think about how often you do this, what about your employees? Let's face it, all work stops when your computer system is not functioning properly. Having a managed IT support company can help ensure your employees are not wasting their time on issues that are not their forte and that they instead are focusing on taking care of your customers. If your employees are spending 45 minutes fixing a problem that takes a seasoned professional five minutes, you are losing time, productivity, and money. Call TCS Solutions in Johnson City to learn more about how we can help.

Access to Knowledge

Let's face it, how often do you read up, study new IT technology, and take classes in order to stay abreast of the lightning-speed changes that take place in the IT sector? Probably not too often. When you partner with a managed IT company such as TCS, you can rest assured that we stay up-to-speed with the latest in software updates, new applications, and all of the latest tools and knowledge available to us. We understand the latest schemes hackers and spammers are employing, including the latest malware and viruses, and we ensure your computer systems are protected with regular updates. Our mission is to maximize your operations, and a lot of these updates we can do remotely, causing little to no disruption to your workflows.

Offers Peace of Mind

With so many schemes employed these days to steal your valuable client information, there is a lot at stake if someone does gain access to your confidential files. Not to mention the issues that a crashed server can cause during a busy workday. A professional IT support team monitors your systems 24 hours a day, so if something crops up in the middle of the night, it can be fixed oftentimes before you come to work in the morning. Furthermore, knowing that if a major IT problem does crop up, your managed IT support professionals are one phone call away can relieve a huge burden from your shoulders. Plus, there truly is no price you can put on a computer system that performs at its best.


As we've seen, there are many benefits to having reliable computer systems support for your Johnson City business. Our team of professionals can ensure your business stays running with minimal hiccups along the way. By outsourcing your managed IT needs, you'll be better able to focus on what you do best — taking care of your customers, planning new service and product launches, and ensuring consistent customer care — rather than spending hours troubleshooting computer problems.

We offer remote monitoring of your systems, data backups, disaster recovery, cyber security, cloud services, software updates, remote support, and so much more. Let our team ward off any IT problems and handle them quickly and easily when they arise. Contact Trimen Computer Systems for a free quote today!